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Setting Up a Foodie Blog

Do you like cooking and baking? Do you find yourself constantly searching for new recipes to try out? Do you like visiting new food joints like the new italian restaurant south kensington to try th new chef and food? If you like food, you are a foodie. Cooking and baking come naturally to you and you like teaching other people about food. This may seem simple but cooking is difficult and not many people can do it as a fulltime job or even as a part-time job. For some people, cooking just does not come naturally and as a natural cook, you can share your tips with them. You can try setting up a cooking class but this limits the amount of people you can reach. On the other hand, the internet is perfect as it allows you to reach an unlimited amount of people all over the world for free. 

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Setting up your own foodie blog or food website

The actual process of setting up a blog is quite easy. You can choose free platforms like Wordpress, Blogger etc to set up your own blog or you can start with a food website on a paid server. Both options are good and they can produce revenue and results in spectacular amounts. However, as you know not every food blog is popular. A few manage to reach the peaks of success while others languish among the crowds. To make your blog popular, you have to remember the following points.

Tip 1 -- Make your blog unique

Food blogs have to be targeted towards a niche audience. For example, if you specialize in Indian food, you can set up a blog on Indian food. But that's not enough. Target and streamline your blog to cater to a specific audience located in India and abroad. For example, you can easily narrow down your blog index and focus on South Indian vegetarian food or focus on Anglo-Indian Catholic food. Both these categories are very popular with Indians in India and abroad and with other nationalities as well. This narrow focus of your blog will ensure that you get a targeted audience who will keep returning to your blog repeatedly.

Tip 2 -- Create recipes

Just recreating traditional recipes is not enough. A food blog has to be unique and interesting and new recipes are a major attraction. It does not matter if your recipe fails. You can and should document this in photos and do-not-do tips on your blog. Remember, your blog is targeted towards a specific audience and they are willing to learn from your mistakes.

Tip 3 -- Take good photos

Food has to be visual, aromatically appealing and appealing to the taste buds as well. You cannot do all this through the internet, as it is a two dimensionally medium. However, you can print highly attractive images that actually present the ingredients, preparation process and end result as attractively as possible. You may have to read up on food photography but this is really worth the effort.

In the end, you should know that very few people will read your blog in the beginning and you can afford to experiment. Keep at it though by following quality, consistency and good SEO or internet marketing guidelines. Your blog will become popular eventually.